Lunch Program

 We are finally there. We are starting the new lunch program, LunchTime.
The setup and details about LunchTime are located in the attached manual. Please note that you must set up your account and add credit on your account for your child to eat next week and for the rest of the year. You will need to add all your children to your account.


 What makes this a great tool for you…
…You can log into your account at any time to check how much credit your child has available.
…Your child will be using a pin specific for your child to purchase lunch. This means  there will be no other students that can access their account.
Contact the financial team if you have any questions.

LunchTime Parent Manual

Decatur Adventist Junior Academy is pleased to provide a hot lunch program. Click on the image to see the menu for each week. The cost is $40 for 5 meals to be used whenever the student chooses to eat school lunch.  Balances are rolled over from week to week.