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How we assess our students' academic growth.

“True Education is the harmonious development
of the physical, the mental,
and the spiritual powers.”

(TED, 9.1) E. G. White

DAJA is an accredited Christian Academy serving DeKalb and the surrounding counties where students develop wholistically—spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

DAJA Newsletter September 10 2021

IN THIS ISSUE (Volume 4, Issue 3) UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS  |  FAITH OF JESUS  |  PICTURE DAY  |  AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS  |  PARTNERING FOR ETERNITY  |  SCIENCE FAIR  |  YEARBOOK  Download the newsletter here. UNIFORMS September 20th is fast approving when we will begin to implement complete compliance for our dress code. By now, most have received back orders for 

Latest News

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In Other News…

Decatur Adventist Junior Academy is pleased to announce that we are still accepting applications for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

For your convenience we offer in-school and adapted virtual options for your student’s needs. You can Apply Online or feel free to contact us directly at 770-808-2188.

We look forward with partnering with you today!

8th Grade

Graduation Ceremony 2021

Take a look at our 8th Grade graduation ceremony.



of Students Earn Undergraduate Degrees


of Students Earn Masters Degrees


Higher Standardized Test Results Than Their Peers!



Spirituality is at the  center of all that we do.  Our goal is that our students not only have a great educational experience at DAJA, but more so, that they develop a personal relationship with their Creator, and understand core principles such as honesty, integratity, perseverance, and self control. Understanding these fundemental ideas, we believe, will equip our students to make choices that will set them on the path to success.


Decatur Adventist Junior Academy is please to have Magnet School Status and features a STEAMS Curriculum with a concentration on Spirituality first and foremost, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Math and Science.

Physical Growth

Physical Education and our sports program provide the opportunity for our students to get benefits from exercise and physical activity. P.E. 

DAJA is excited about the revival of our sports program starting with Girls Volleyball and now boys and girls basketball.  Additionally, each sememster we transition from one unsual sport to the next. Last sememster, we played Ultimate Frisbee.

Join us if a strong sports program is important to you.


Class Schedule

Our weekly schedule provides structure to include all areas of learning: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Resource Center

Decatur Adventist Junior Academy Library Resource Center is designed for literacy development for all students.