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7th & 8th Grade

Gisele Fields is our 7th & 8th Grade Teacher

My name is Gisele Fields, and I am delighted that the Lord has blessed our class family with your child’s presence. I am the 7th and 8th Grade homeroom teacher and the 5th through 8th grades Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. The theme for my class is “DAJA Stars” because every student is a star. It is my goal to do all that I can to help our students shine their brightest as they focus on Jesus Christ the Master Teacher, Who is integrated into every lesson that I teach.

I encourage all students to bring their natural curiosity for understanding their world as they enhance their educational experience by implementing active learning participation and critical thinking skills. Using hands-on, inquiry-based and student-centered learning, my students will work together and develop leadership skills by actively participating in their lessons.

As the students in the 7th & 8th-grade class continue to learn, it is my hope that they will develop lifelong relationships which will follow them throughout their lives.

Finally, it is my overall purpose is to lead each student to accept Christ as his/her Saviour and to develop a personal relationship with Him. To accomplish this, our spiritual focus will be Fruits of the Spirit. We pray that this will widen our students’ knowledge of the Bible.

I look forward to meeting you and working towards a successful school year with your child.