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DAJA features project-based learning which keeps the students interested and engaged as they experience hands-on, real-world application of the curriculum. As a School of Excellence with Magnet School Status and a STEAMS School, our students are introduced to state core standards and higher levels education. Spirtualiy is the first S in our STEAMS curriculum and is blended with every area of learning. Technology is integrated with the use of Smartboards used for instruction in every classroom, Chromebooks used for Grades 6-7, iPads used for Grades 1-5, and Mini iPads used for Kindergarten along with our computer lab. Our Robotics Club provides the platform for understanding and executing engineering.

We provide a wide variety of fine arts options which include drama, praise motion, visual arts, photography, and music with regular math infused throughout the curriculum. Futhermore, students who have master grade level math are introduced to AP advanced math which gives them an edge in high school. Finally our students are introduced to various areas of science through science experiments in our science lab.

Additionally, our students are given the platform from which to understand economics and entrepreneurship as they create and run their own small businesses to create revenue. They are taught about tithing and charitable giving as a part of their business plan and are exposed to real life authentic learning.