Greetings Decatur Adventist Junior Academy (DAJA) Students, Parents, and Teachers,

It is my joy and privilege to join your school family in service this year as principal! Prior to accepting my role at DAJA, I have had many leadership experiences including Educational Consultant, Special Education Coordinator, Center Director; and Regional Program Administrator over several alternative educational facilities spanning 4 counties. Even with these amazing opportunities, I will always be a teacher at heart. I have over 16 years of classroom teaching experience in the Metro Atlanta area.

My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Education specializing in Linguistic Studies (English and Spanish), a graduate degree in Technology and Distance Education, and I am about to complete a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies. By pursuing lifelong learning, I intend to be an example that we should place high value on the pursuit of learning opportunities for the purpose of improving ourselves and the society in which we live.

It is a blessing to be the mother of 7 awesome people: Sydney (Oakwood – Healthcare Management), Selene (Designer), Silas (Oakwood – Pre Med), Jordan (Southwest Adventist – Theology), Percy (Audio Visual), Justin (Service Industry/Graphics), and Jada-Celeste (SWAU rising Freshman – Bio-Chemistry). They are the loves of my life (as is my loving husband and best friend, Neil who is right here wondering if I was going to leave him out of the equation). I have the same expectations for them as I do for your children, who I will adore as if they are my own. I want to see them explore their God-given potential, gifts, and talents and become productive human beings in service to God and their fellow man. I pray they will also have the blessing of God on their lives to become the best in their chosen calling when they grow up.

It is my privilege to lead Decatur Adventist Junior Academy and the many talented teachers and students here! My commitment is to continue facilitating a supportive climate and culture at DAJA that is conducive to the highest level of teaching and learning. By doing so, each individual student and teacher can experience growth and excellence.

I look forward to interacting with all of you in our school community this year!

Kind Regards,
Melissa McKinney