Nehemiah Project

Nehemiah Web Pic 2

The Nehemiah Project is a fundraiser designed for online collaboration between students and their stakeholders to raise funds to support Decatur Adventist Junior Academy.

Students will invite 20 stakeholders to partner with DAJA on a monthly, annually, or with a one time gift online. This collaboration will ensure the fulfillment of our mission, to reflect Christ’s character at home, at school, and in our community.

Partnering includes various projects such as technology improvement, scholarships, and our STEAMS curriculum.

Stakeholders will be able to choose the level of involvement they would like such as:
Carpenter – $10 – Monthly
Brick Layer – $25 – Monthly
Craftsman – $50 – Monthly
Supervisor- $75 – Monthly
Financier- $100 – Monthly or Annually

Stay tuned for the launching of the Nehemiah project in the first few weeks of our upcoming school year.