About Us


It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Decatur Adventist Junior Academy. The faculty, staff, and administrative team work diligently to provide a holistic educational experience for each of our DAJA families. We are also very proud to announce that we are a K-9 school. We now provide 9th grade to service our students on a high school level. If you have a 9th-grade student and believe that your child should have a Christian, holistic education at a STEAMS school, we invite you to redirect your child to Decatur Adventist Junior Academy.

More than the academic preparation, we have planned a spiritual journey on which your students will embark. This year, the spiritual focus is “The Three Angels Message”. We will spend time addressing, teaching, and integrating these messages to help our students understand the signs of these last days which are being fulfilled in our world. We feel it is necessary for our children to understand what is happening in light of Bible Prophecy. We know this will build a firm foundation to help them stand.

I am truly excited about the new school year and all of the opportunities students will have to grow in excellence.

Jasmine Johnson, Ed. S


Our Philosophy

The five components that reflect our mission are expressed through our “EAASI” philosophy.

E – Excellence, A-Achievement, A-Access, S-Spirituality, I-Innovation.


Building a culture of preeminence and outstanding results through our focused engagement with each student.


Inspiring each mind we touch to realize its fullest potential for greatness, by pushing each student to reach beyond the pinnacle of societal standards and expectations.


Providing our students with intercultural immersion opportunities, mentorship and unique world-class learning experiences that allow them to expand their thinking and broaden their horizons.


Educating students on what it means to live a Christ-centered life and training them to be servant leaders with impeccable values.


Adapting our curriculum design to ensure that each student is prepared for the world of tomorrow as he/she advances through this journey called life.